Abstracts submission

Participants who intend to give a presentation are invited to submit an abstract to pst2009@fe.infn.it before June 30th.

The abstracts have to be submitted in TEX+PDF format: the latex template is available at the following link: template.tex

Program Committee
P. Lenisa (Ferrara, chair)
P.F. Dalpiaz (Ferrara)
E. Steffens (Erlangen)
Polarized electron sources (K. Aulenbacher, Mainz)
Polarized proton and deuterium sources (A. Belov, Moscow)
Polarized internal targets (A. Nass, Erlangen)
Polarimetry (G. Ciullo, Ferrara)
Polarized antiprotons (F. Rathmann, Juelich)
Polarized solid targets (D. Crabb, Virginia)