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Sunday 06/09/2009

19.00-21.00 Welcome cocktail

Monday 07/09/2009

08.00-9.30 Registration
09.30 Welcome - - G.Fiorentini
09.45 Remarks on the History of Workshops on 'Spin Tools' - T E.Steffens
10.30-11.00 Coffee break

Polarized Proton and Deuterium Sources
Chair: D. Eversheim
11.00 Polarized proton beam at RHIC A T A.Zelensky
11.40 The COSY/Jülich polarized H- and D- ion source A T O.Felden
12.10 Source of polarized ions for JINR accelerator complex A T V.Fimushkin
12.40 Resonance effects in nuclear dichroism: an inexpensive source of tensor polarized deuterons A T H.Seyfarth
13.10-15.00 Lunch break

Polarized Electron Sources I
Chair: L. Rinolfi
15.00 Polarized electrons and positrons at the MESA facility A T K.Aulenbacher
15.30 Status of the Darmstadt polarized electron injector A T Y.Poltoratska
16.00 Mott polarimeter at MAMI A T V.Tioukine
16.30-17.00 Coffee break

Polarimetry I
Chair: A. Zelenski
17.00 Proton polarimetry at the relativistic heavy ion collider A T Y.Makdisi
17.30 Local polarimetry at RHIC experiments A T M.Togawa
18.00 Polarization and polarimetry at HERA A T B.Sobloher
18.30 Electron beam polarization measurement at JLAB - Hall A A T S.Nanda
18.50 Electron beam polarimetry at JLAB - Hall C A T D.Gaskell

Tuesday 08/09/2009

Polarimetry II
Chair: D. Gaskell
09.00 Polarization measurement at ILC with a Compton polarimeter A T C.Bartels
09.30 Time evolution of round motion-dependent depolarization at linear colliders A T A.Hartin
10.00 Electron beam polarimetry at low energies A T R.Barday
10.30-11.00 Coffee break

Polarized Solid Targets I
Chair: D. Crabb
11.00 Recent progress and future prospects in solid polarized targets A T C.D. Keith
11.40 HDice; the frozen-spin solid HD target for CLAS at Jefferson Lab A T X.Wei
12.10 HD gas distillation and analysis for HD frozen targets A T A.D'Angelo
12.30 DNP study of UV-irradiated crystals aimed for polarization of solid HD A T T.Kumada
12.50 Change of ultrafast nuclear-spin polarization upon photoionization by short laser pulses A T T.Nakajima
13.10-15.00 Lunch break

Polarized Solid Targets II
Chair: C.D. Keith
15.00 Polarization and relaxation time measurement with pulsed NMR A T D.Kammer
15.30 Radiation damage and recovery in polarized ammonia targets A T J.Maxwell
15.50 Solid polarized proton target at low magnetic field and high temperature A T T.Uesaka
16.20 Pulse structure dependence of the proton spin polarization rate A T T.Kawahara
16.40 The EDM measurement A T G. Onderwater

17.10 Visit to "Polo Tecnologico"

Wednesday 09/09/2009

Polarized Solid Targets III
Chair: T. Uesaka
09.00 Development of a Q-meter module for the polarization measurement with CW-NMR A T S.Schrauf
09.30 NMR signal analysis in the large COMPASS 14NH3 target A T J.Koivuniemi
10.00 Development of deuterated polymer polarized targets A T L.Wang
10.30-11.00 Coffee break

Polarized Electron Sources II
Chair: K. Aulenbacher
11.00 The CLIC electron and positron polarized sources A T L.Rinolfi
11.30 Polarized positrons on the CEBAF footprint A T J.Grames
12.00 Status of the high intensity polarized electron gun at MIT-Bates A T E.Tsentalovich
12.30 Polarized electron photocatode R&D at BNL A T I.Ben-Zvi
13.00-15.00 Lunch break

Polarized Internal Targets I: Atomic Beam Sources
Chair: P.F. Dalpiaz
15.00 Target section for spin-filtering studies at COSY and AD A T C.Barschel
15.20 First experiments with the polarized internal gas target at ANKE-COSY A T M.Mikirtynchants
15.40 Extra physics with ABS and Lamb-shift polarimeter A T R.Engels
16.10 Systematic studies for the development of high-intensity ABS A T L.Barion
16.30-17.00 Coffee break
17.00 Open discussion on the development of intense ABS source A - Convener:A.Nass

20.00-22.00 Conference dinner

Thursday 10/09/2009

Polarized Electron Sources III
Chair: I. Ben-Zvi
09.00 Upgrade of the 50 keV GaAs source of polarized electrons at ELSA A T D.Heiliger
09.30 Lifetime measurements of DBR and non DBR photocathodes at high laser intensities A T E.Riehn
10.00 Low emittance polarized electron gun sources based on FZD superconducting RF gun A T R.Xiang
10.30-11.00 Coffee break

Polarized Internal Targets II : 3He
Chair: E. Steffens
11.00 Spinpolarized 3He: from basic research to medical application A T S. Karpuk
11.40 Major advances in SEOP of 3He targets A T P.Dolph
12.05 The study of the polarized metastable 3He polarized atomic beam production A T Y.A.Plis
12.30 Polarized 3He targets for real and virtual photons A T J.Krimmer

14.30-20.00 Excursion to Ravenna

Friday 11/09/2009

Future Facilities I
Chair: Y. Makdisi
09.00 Spin-filtering studies at COSY and AD A T F.Rathmann
09.40 Experimental setup for spin-filtering studies A T A.Nass
10.05 Depolarization studies at COSY A T D.Oellers
10.30-11.00 Coffee break

Future Facilities II
Chair: P. Lenisa
11.00 Ideas for polarized electrons and nucleons at FAIR - the challenges A T D. Eversheim
11.30 Studies by spin tracking in COSY in view of polarization measurements for the EDM A T A.Luccio
12.00 Workshop summary - T F.Rathmann
12.30 Workshop conclusion - T P.Lenisa