XIIIthInternational Workshop on
Polarized Sources, Targets & Polarimetry

Camera di Commercio, Largo Castello 10
September 07-11, 2009 - Ferrara (Italy)

Deadline for abstract submission: June 30th
Deadline for registration: August 31st

Volta dell'Aula Costabiliana

Garofalo, 1519: Volta dell' Aula Costabiliana
Palazzo Costabili Ferrara - Museo Archeologico Nazionale

The International Workshop on Polarized Sources, Targets & Polarimetry, which is sponsored by the International Spin Physics Committee, has been hosted for more than 20 years, regularly circulating between the USA, Europe and Japan. Although dedicated Meetings exist for some of the fields covered, the Workshop is meant to give a general, but comprehensive view of the technology involved in the polarization experiments and applications, encouraging discussions and exchange of informations between the different fields.

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