29-05-2007 ANKE-PAX Workshop on Spin Physics

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ANKE/PAX Workshop on Spin Physics,
29 May - 1 June 2007 IUSS, Via Scienze 41b Ferrara, Italy

Wednesday 30/05/2007 (day 1)

  • ----- Welcome address (Giovanni Fiorentini)
  • PDF General introduction - from ANKE/COSY to PAX/FAIR (Hans Ströher)
  • PDF Transversity measurements at PAX (Alessandro Drago)
  • PDF The PANDA Experiment (Diego Bettoni)

Coffee break

  • PDF About stored, polarized particles (Hans-Otto Meyer)
  • PDF Experiments at COSY/AD (Frank Rathmann)
  • PDF Interpretation of spin-filtering experiments (Michail Nekipelov)
  • PDF Spin Filtering of Stored (Anti)Protons: from FILTEX to COSY to AD to FAIR (Nikolai Nikolaev)

Lunch break

  • PDF Depolarization experiments at COSY (Dieter Öllers)
  • PDF Realistic experimental constraints in the analysis of few-body reactions (Pia Thörngren)
  • PDF Studies of beam intensity in the Ferrara Spinlab (Michelle Stancari)
  • PDF PIT system at ANKE (Kirill Grigoryev)

Coffee break

  • PDF PIT for Spin Filtering Experiment (Alexander Nass)
  • PDF Openable cell for PAX (Giuseppe Ciullo)

Thursday 31/05/2007 (day 2)

  • PDF ANKE experiment at COSY (Andro Kacharava)
  • PDF Polarimetry at ANKE (David Chiladze)
  • PDF Schottky Method for Internal Experiments (Irakli Keshelashvili)
  • PDF Analysis of ANKE data (Malte Mielke)

Coffee break


  • PDF Simulations of Spin-Filtering experiments at COSY (Mirian Tabidze)
  • PDF Optimization and performance of the detector for spin-filtering studies (Gogi Macharashvili)
  • PDF Preparations for Spin-Filtering experiments (Ralf Schleichert)
  • PDF Test Station for Silicon Detectors (Sergey Merzliakov)


  • PDF Status of electronics development for SF experiments (Angelo Cotta)
  • PDF High speed readout for spin-filtering experiments (Luca Barion)
  • PDF Sequences compiler for Vertex board (Luca Barion/Stefano Chiozzi)
  • PDF DAQ ­ Software Development for STT (Sergey Trusov)
  • PDF Online software for depolarization experiments (Michail Nekipelov)

Coffee break ANKE UPGRADES

  • PDF ANKE Detector/DAQ/Synchronisation Updates(Ralf Schleichert)
  • PDF Status of new Drift and Straw chambers for ANKE (Valery Serdjuk)

Friday 01/06/2007 (day 3)

  • PDF Accelerator Aspects for SF Experiments at COSY/AD (Archil Garishvili)
  • PDF Status of quadrupole-magnets design (Marco Statera)

Coffee break

  • PDF Polarization of extracted beam with bent crystals (Mikhail Ukhanov)
  • PDF Estimations for the polarization of an extracted beam with bent crystals (Nikolai Nikolaev)

(Reference PDF)

  • PDF Hans Ströher: Summary