National Institute for Nuclear Physics | Ferrara Division

MEDIPIX4 (2021-2023)

P.I.: Massimiliano Fiorini
Local coordinator: Paolo Cardarelli
INFN Divisions involved: FE, CT, NA, PI, TS, LNS.

The project goal is the study of possible applications of the technology developed by the international Collaboration Medipix4, based at CERN.
This collaboration, which INFN has been part of since 2020, aims to design and build integrated circuits suitable for the construction of hybrid pixel radiation detectors (Medipix4 and Timepix4). The innovative feature of these detectors is the possibility of measuring a single particle (for example a single X photon), by determining its position with high spatial and temporal resolution, and also measuring its energy.
The measurement of each photon energy, combined with the high spatial resolution, enables the implementation of innovative radiographic techniques in the field of so-called "spectral imaging" as well as possible applications in the field of nuclear medicine and dosimetry.
The group of INFN-Ferrara, in addition to managing the national coordination of the project, mainly deals with:

1) development of the electronics and software for the acquisition of the signals generated by the detectors;

2) study of possible applications in the medical field, in particular of diagnostic imaging with X-rays, and for the characterization of materials.


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