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P.I.: Marco Romagnoni

Steering of high-energy particle beams can be achieved by exploiting planar channeling in bent crystals. Indeed, the atomic planes of a crystal lattice once aligned with incoming particles acts similarly to a waveguide and deliver deflection equivalent to hundreds of Tesla magnetic dipole. Indeed, channeling is particularly efficient for positive particles, achieving deflection for up to ~80% of channeled particles. However, the remaining 20% of particles are often not negligible when design bent crystal applications.
The GALORE project (hiGh-efficient beam deflector fOR accElerators) is currently aiming to overcome this key limitation by developing a new type of bent crystals which could potentially completely suppress such losses. This goal can be achieved by machining of a microscopic structure on the crystal in order to affect channeled particles dynamics. The project will focus on devising a reliable fabrication procedure and finally test the efficacy with high energy beams available at CERN. The success of the project would not only improve current setups but also enable completely new schemes for crystal-assisted beam manipulation.



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