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The BESIII experiment at the Peking IHEP (Institute of High Energy Physics) BEPCII (Beijing Electron Positron Collider II)  e+e- collider  is active since 2009 studying the t-charm energy region, between 2.0 and 4.6 GeV. The physics program of the experiment includes light hadronic spectroscopy studies, charm and charmonium physics, t-QCD and search for new physics. BESIII provided a major contribute to the exotic states search with the discovery of the first four quark charged state, the Z(3900)-. The INFN Ferrara group is active in hadronic spectroscopy studies and the search for exotic states. Moreover the group works on the development of a cylindrical GEM detector for the next upgrade of the experiment tracking subdetector.

Team leader: Gianluigi Cibinetto


Link: http://bes3.ihep.ac.cn/ 


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